As from 1 July challenges can only be refused if there is a valid reason, i.e. you are isolating because of Covid, you are unwell, or you are going to be away on holiday.  If there is no valid excuse to refuse a challenge players will forfeit the match and change places on the ladder with the challenging team.
The final will take place in approximately 8 weeks time, date to be confirmed.  During the week leading up to the final the teams in the top slots on each of the ladders must accept at least one challenge.

We will be running a competition this season called ‘The Bowls Ladder’. A list is up in the Clubhouse for you to add your name if you want to participate. Please add your name before May 21st when names will be drawn, out of the proverbial hat, to create Pairs. Once the Pairs are drawn then the Ladder will be displayed. It’s then a matter of arranging a game against another Pair on the ladder at a time and date convenient for all 4 players.
The ladder is intended to encourage friendly competition and to hone skills whilst enjoying a competitive match.
The objective is to climb the ladder by challenging and defeating players higher on the Ladder.RULES




1. A game of 3 woods with 12 ends.

2. There will be a handicap system up to a maximum of 4 shots. Handicaps will be issued when the draw takes place.

3. Pairs can be mixed, ladies or men and a substitute partner can be introduced as long as they have not been part of another pair. All players enter the ladder draw as a single player.

4. Any pair may challenge any other pair up to a maximum of four places above them for a ladder match.
5. When a higher team beats a lower team on the ladder, the standings remain unchanged.
6. When a lower team beats a higher team on the ladder, they will swap positions on the ladder.
7. New pairs can enter throughout the season but must join at the bottom of the ladder.
8. Starting the ladder. – Highest total handicap starts at the bottom of the Ladder. If equal handicap, their starting position will be alphabetical with lowest surname first.
9. The pair who are at the top of the Ladder board on 1st September will be the overall winners subject to having played a minimum of 5 matches.
10. Entry fee is £5.00 per person. Please make cheques payable to Hythe Bowling Club , leave in an envelope marked with your name in the Men’s Captain letter rack.
11. There will be a social event at the end of the season with food and music and prizes for the winners.
I look forward to seeing our members join the Ladder.
Trevor Clarke
Men’s Captain.