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Can you all please note that from this Friday, 12 August, the start time for Friday Muddles will change to 3.30 p.m.  The next Friday Supper will be on 26 August.  More details will follow nearer the time.
The first post Muddles supper took place last Friday and I have it on very good authority that there was a very good turnout and the food was delicious.  Thanks Brenda and Patsy.
Please see below a letter the Club has received from Maldon Bowling Club.  Well done everyone involved who made the Maldon players feel so welcome.
20 people attended the meeting on 26 June and there was a good discussion about how to run the Crib and Bridge Clubs over the winter.  
It was agreed that these would take place on Saturdays, from 12.30 p.m. until approx. 3.30 p.m., starting around the first week in October. Each group would have half of the hall.  The Crib Club will cost £5.00 a session, with £1.00 going to the Bowls Club to cover heating, etc., £2.00 to cover a snack, and £2.00 for prize money.  There will be a Ladies Committee for the Bridge Club and the cost will be £1.00 a session for Members to cover heating, etc.
More information will be sent out to Members nearer the time.
Ladies Matches
We are always finding ourselves having to ring round to members because we are short of ladies for both league and friendly ladies matches.  Please ladies, put your names down for the ladies matches.  We’re a friendly bunch.
For those members who knew Alan, he will be 80 on 9 April. His daughter has contacted the club to say Alan ‘s health is declining but his spirits would be lifted if he received a phone call from a member who knew him. The telephone number is 01303 260662.


In case of fire alarm the muster point is by the yellow Stade Street Garage sign.

The first aid kit is situated just inside the entrance door, the accident book is with the first aid kit.

The defibrillator is situated in corridor by Gents changing room door.

The public telephone to be used in an emergency is situated far end of the bar


Never step into the ditch.

Always step sideways onto the green safely.

Be aware of where the bowls are on the green behind the mat as they are a tripping hazard.


Always be punctual for matches.

Never drop your bowls onto the green.  Also, standing clear of the edge of the green helps to prevent damage.

Introduce yourself and greet your opponents.

In a match it is customary for the home side to buy the away side a drink.

Win or Lose always be friendly and courteous to both your own and opponents team.

Never walk across the path of a player who is about to bowl.

Do not distract a bowler on the mat by talking to other players; stand behind the mat; do not move when a bowler is playing towards the head.

No smoking on the green.

No food and drink on the green.

Mobile phones to be put on mute or turned off.


Flat sole bowls shoes without heels must be worn on the green at all times by players, markers and umpires.

For Muddles and roll ups the dress code is club or white shirts and grey trousers or tailored grey shorts.

For matches the dress of the day will be indicated on the team selection list.


Muddles are played on Mondays and Fridays. Turn up at 2.00 pm for registration, which closes at 2.15 pm. Players turning up after 2.15 pm will not be able to play. Play commences at 2.30 pm and ends at 4.30 pm. Do not turn up if you cannot play the whole session.

Please check the match entry lists regularly and put your name down if you are available.

A reminder that you can just turn up for a roll up, but check for fixtures on the blackboard and in the diary for rink availability. Dress code as for Muddles.

If you put your name down to play in a match then check when the Teams have been chosen and, if you are selected, please tick your name on the selection sheet to confirm your availability. Arrive for the match at least 30 minutes before starting time. 

A reminder about measuring. In a triple it is the number 2, in a rink it is the number 3, these are the only players involved in measuring, all other players should step away behind the head. 

No bowls should be moved until the measuring is complete.




I’m sure you’d like to join me in thanking Len Maris who has agreed to be the Club President for this season. 


The Opening Drive will be on Sunday 17 April starting at 14.30.  Please add your. Ames to the list on the wall in the Clubhouse corridor.  April fixture sheets are also up.

A News Letter with more information about the new season will be sent out nearer the date of the Opening Drive.


Maureen Gray, the President of the club, has decided to step down as President for personal reasons. 

Maureen is a long standing and a very supportive member of the club.
She was Ladies Captain in 2007 and 2008 and has been President since 2019. 
I’m sure you’d all like to join me in thanking Maureen for all the support she has given to the club, to wish her all the best, and to say we hope we’ll still be seeing plenty of her in the future.


The next coffee morning will be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday, 9 April 2022 from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.
As usual there will be a raffle and donations of prizes in the form of biscuits, sweets, wine and fruit would be much appreciated.

Well, that’s it.  All the official matches are over for this season.  We had a very good turnout for the closing drive and a beautiful afternoon to finish on.  Team B, captained by Madeleine, won by beating Team A, captained by Trevor, 136/105.  Well done to everyone that took part, not just those that played for Team B.  We hope you all enjoyed the matches.
Here are just a few photos of the day.
As previously mentioned, the green will not be closed for the winter until 9 October so, weather permitting, we can carry on with roll ups, etc., up to then.
Muddles will take place on Monday 27 September and Friday 1 October, and the following week on Monday 4 October and Friday 8 October, but these sessions are entirely dependent on weather conditions being favourable.
Don’t forget the Honesty Fridge is now closed for stocktaking and the September accounts will be sent out shortly.  The Treasurer would appreciate it if these could all be settled before the end of the financial year on  30 September.  Thank you.
The club needs a willing person to take on the responsibility of looking after the grassy area around the sponsor boards and for strimming weeds between the paving slabs around the green.  The club has a petrol mower and a lightweight cordless strimmer.  The wages are low but you will have the feel good factor of helping keep the club grounds looking tidy.
If you can help please contact Peter White on 01303 260278.  Thank you.
Firstly, massive apologies to all those who played against Folkestone Park last week, which was reported below as a loss for Hythe. Hythe did in fact win this match 86:67.  Well done all those that took part.
Secondly, there are a few dates you need to be aware of.  On Wednesday, 15 September, from 9.00am to 12.00 midday, the WI have hired the Clubhouse to hold a meeting, and a further WI meeting will take place on Thursday, 16 September, from 7.00pm to 10.00pm.  On Saturday, 18 September, the clubhouse has been booked for a private function from 6.00pm to 11.00pm.  On Thursday, 23 September, the hedging around the Club will be trimmed back so parking will only be allowed on the fence side of the car park. 
Hythe Shepway League men’s team won by 8 points to 2 against Ashford Town, and are 3rd in the League.
We played against Whitstable, Deal and Folkestone Park this week, losing to all of them, but pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps today to beat Wear Bay 88:45.
Pat Briscoe won the Sandwich Bowls Club Open Tournament this week.
The final Muddles scores are in and the winner is Peter Hobbis.  Well done Peter.  Here are the top 20.
Ladies competition
Madeleine Ryan is organising an afternoon of bowling for all lady members on Tuesday, 21 September at 2.00pm, to be followed by afternoon tea with scones, jam and cream.  The sheet is now up on the wall, please get your names down ladies.
Closing drive
The sheet is also up for the closing drive on Saturday, 25 September. Please get your names down folks.
Club officers
We are now looking forward to the future and the AGM.  There is a list on the wall for prospective officers.  Please put your name forward if you are able to support your club by joining the Committee.
Hythe beat Cliffe 91/65 and Penenden Heath 105/53, and our men’s Shepway League team beat New Romney 8/2 (80/50).  
Club competitions
It is Finals Weekend in less than two weeks, 11 and 12 September, and all club competitions up to Finals level MUST be played by Wednesday, 8 September, so that the Finals Weekend can be sorted out.
The Club Competition lists have been updated on the website and the sheets will be put up in the corridor tomorrow.
It would be great if as many Members as possible were there to support Finals Weekend, and there will be a finger buffet on the Sunday.
There is no Muddles on Monday, 6 September.  As there is a match on Tuesday, 7 September, the only Muddles next week will be on Friday, 10 September.
On Monday, 16 August, our Shepway League men’s team beat Cheriton 6/4.  Well done guys.
On Wednesday, 18 August, Hythe beat Folkestone 121/102 to win the Pepper Cup.  Well done guys.
At yesterday’s Shepway Bowling Tournament held at Folkestone Park, Folkestone Park ladies won the Rose Bowl, Lyminge men won the Wood Cup, and Hythe men’s and ladies teams, together, won the Stewart Allan Trophy.  Well done everyone that took part.  This was a great win for Hythe, and the first time we have won this trophy.  Here are the winning teams, with Kirsty Potter accepting the trophy from her Mum.


We have been asked to order some more Club shirts in Ladies style and also we are short of the larger Mens sizes.

Many Members have asked if the material could be in a much lighter material which is much cooler than our existing ones.
If you would like a Club shirt in this lighter material would you please let Mary Sherwood know by email: Please state size required.  Mary has a sample of the material.
Sizes available are –





















38’’ small
40” medium
42” large


40” medium
42” large
44” XL
46” 2XL
48” 3XL

The Men’s Captain would just like to remind everyone that, if you put your name on the sheet to play in a match, the onus is on you to check whether or not you have been picked to play and to ensure that you turn up on time on the day of the match.
The club would also like to remind everyone that if you play a game, be it a match or just a roll up, all equipment must be put away when you have finished and not left for someone else to do it.  Also, the last person to leave the club is responsible fir ensuring that the gate is shut and locked up.
We played Lyminge on Tuesday and won and won to Folkestone Park on Thursday.
Please note that there is a home match at 2.30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday (20th) this week so no Muddles on Thursday nor Friday this week.
There will be no Muddles on either Thursday, 2 September, or Friday, 3 September, as there are home matches at 2.30 p.m. on both days.
This also applies to Monday, 6 September, and Tuesday, 7 September, when there are also home matches at 2.30 p.m.
Muddles will be on Friday, 10 September, as usual, but, as there is a home match at 2.30 p.m. on Friday, 17 September, Muddles will be on Thursday, 16 September.
All alterations are dependent on fixtures remaining as scheduled.


After 5 Muddles matches counting towards the Muddles Trophy here are the current top 10.
1.  Peter Hobbis          78 –  5 Matches
2.  David Robinson      76 – 5 
3.  Richard Mansfield  73 – 5
4.  Linda Flatt               72 – 5
5= Tony Edgar              70 – 5
5= Chris Whelan          70 – 4
5= Tony Wisdom          70 – 5
8.  Sue Cassingham      66 – 5
9.  Mike West               64 – 5
10. Dot Tweedy            63 – 4
Ladies are still top of the Shepway league having scored 3 points against Folkestone Park.
Our men’s Shepway League team played away against Wear Bay on Monday, 2 August, and lost 8/2.  Commiserations guys.
Firstly, a message from our Men’s Captain, Trevor Clarke.  Although the concept of the Ladder Competition seemed a good idea at the time, it has turned into a ‘bridge too far’ and will not be happening again next year.  We will, however, carry on with this year’s competition and the final will be held on Finals Sunday, when Amanda Clark will present the medals.
Just a reminder about the change to the alarm system on 9 August.  From that day the fob will cease to work and you need to input the code number to turn the alarm on and off.  The number is the same as the number for the lock on the main gate.



Entrance Cards;  We are aware that some members Entrance Cards have not been working recently.  If your card doesn’t open the door to the Clubhouse please place it in an envelope with your name on it and put it in the ‘Coach’ pigeon hole.  It will then be replaced with a new one..

Bar Volunteers: The Club is in need of more volunteers to work behind the bar when necessary.  The more members that are trained for this, the less onerous the task becomes for everyone. Please let Trevor or Len know if you are able to take this on.  .


Friendlies:  We played Canterbury away last Saturday and won on all 5 rinks.  The overall winning score was 54/96 to Hythe. On Tuesday we played Helio Mirror at home and once again we won 130/88.  Well done everyone who took part.

Men’s:    On Monday our Shepway League men’s team played Sellinge away, beating them 7/3.  Congratulations guys.  Hythe remains 3rd in the League.

Ladies:  Unfortunately, the ladies lost overall to Lenham in the third round of the Mollie Cleggett.  Well done on making it to the third round ladies.  The ladies Shepway League team won all 4 points against Sellinge at home on Wednesday, so are still top of the League.  Well done ladies.  In the away game at River on Thursday the ladies won on one rink and lost on one.  

Forthcoming matches

On Tuesday, 3 August, the ladies have a friendly against Folkestone, away, and on Wednesday, 4 August, they have a league game against Folkestone Park, also away.

On Monday, 1 August, the men have a Shepway League game away at Wear Bay, and on Friday, 6 August, they are away to Ashford Rail.

Mixed friendlies for next week are on Sunday, 1 August, at home to Northfleet; Thursday, 5 August, away to Ham Street; Saturday, 7 August, at home to Fobbing.

Hythe played Aylesham at home on 14 July and won 86/83.  Well done everyone who took part.
We played Penninsula at home on 16 July and lost 97/66.  Commiserations everyone.
We played Danson Park at home on 21 July and won.  Well done everyone who took part.
Ladies matches
The ladies have done really well in winning another round of the Molly Cleggett, beating Kearsney by just 2 shots overall.  Well done ladies and good luck against Lenham in the next round on Tuesday.
Our Shepway League ladies team also had another win with another 4 points, keeping them in 2nd place in the League.  Well done ladies.
Unfortunately, despite having around 50 lady members, we are still having trouble getting players for ladies matches.  We struggled to get 9 players for each of the Canterbury games, and we are now short of players for Folkestone Park on 4 August. This is an away game, but transport can be arranged.  If we don’t get support for these games we may not get the fixtures next year, which doesn’t bode well for the future of the club.  Please ladies, support your club by putting your name down for selection.
Men’s matches
Unfortunately Hythe lost to Canterbury in the Cox Cup.  Commiserations gents.
32 determined players defied the heat to play Muddles on Monday, 19 July.  This was the 3rd session counting towards the Muddles Trophy and the top scorers were Tony Wisdom, Sue Cassingham and Geoff Prior with 18 shots.
Coaching courses
The club is looking to organise some coaching courses.  If you’re interested in attending please let Graeme Poole know and he will organise dates to suit.
As you are aware, we have recently installed sensors in the toilets to automatically turn the lights on and off. This was carried out as they were constantly being left on overnight. 
























This still leaves a number of lights that have to be switched manually. 

So if you lock up the Clubhouse at anytime, please carry out a walk through to ensure all manually switched lights are off. This is particularly important in the evening when more lights are likely to be switched on. 

Hythe ladies won their match against Canterbury in the first round of the Molly Cleggett and will now play Kearsney next Tuesday. There is also a Shepway League game against Canterbury, at home, on Tuesday and, because of the Molly Cleggett, another 4 players are needed for the Canterbury game.
Our Shepway League ladies team won their match against Cheriton 32/16 on Wednesday.  The ladies are now 2nd in the League.  Well done ladies.
Just a quick reminder that everyone should keep the club informed of any changes to their contact details.
A number of members have asked about having their names on their club shirts.  Vic Powell can get this done for you at the end of the season if you let him have your shirt and the name.  Price to be confirmed, but will depend on how many we order.
Hythe Shepway League men’s team played Lyminge away on Tuesday, and beat them 8/2.  Well done guys.
The two friendlies due to be played this weekend, home against River on Saturday and away against Marden on Sunday, have again had to be cancelled because we couldn’t raise a team.
A few bits and pieces for your attention:

Please hang wet mats singly, one to each pusher.  These are new mats and are already beginning to perish because they are stored wet on top of each other.

Volunteers required
As you will have seen from the fixtures list we have a busy season ahead and are now asking for volunteers to help with the teas for the matches with visiting clubs. This does not entail any food preparation as the sandwiches are bought in.
Please contact Vic Powell, or  01303 230669, with details of the days and times you would be available. A rota system will be drawn up to ensure all matches are covered.
Cameron Potter won his section quarter final of the County Singles beating Colin Strouts 21-19 and, with his brother Alistair, won on their rink for KentU25 17-25 against Lenham.
The results from the Shepway League match on Monday were Hythe 8 points Cheriton 2 points.  Hythe is now 3rd in the Men’s league.