Member Benefits

The various benefits available, 
1. Firstly, all members are able to enjoy a 10% discount at:-
  • Stade Street Garage (on servicing and parts)
  • In Action Bowlswear (on most items)
  • Robson & Co Solicitors in the High Street
  • Just mention you are members and show your fixture card booklet which, at the back, has your name and confirmation of being a member.
2. Other useful benefits include:-
  • Free use of clubhouse for members who wish to celebrate a family event. Please note this is for immediate family only and not to be extended to third parties. For social members it is half price. The usual fee for non-members for an evening hire, with use of bar and kitchen normally works out at £205 minimum.


  • Free use of car park at all times, even for shopping (but please ensure gates are always locked if the club not being used).